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Hear What Our Fans Have To Say!

I love that I can eat such a tasty treat and still maintain my diet without feeling guilty - my guiltless way of cheating.

Jasmine A.

This is the best kettle corn. I came back today just for this.


Loved their kettle corn!  I wish they still made the really big bags, though maybe it's for the best of my waistline they don't.

Esley S.

Last week I was dying for something sweet and found your popcorn hidden away in my pantry.  I do this when I don't want to share my goodies.  I should be ashamed of myself, but I am not.  I opened the bag and to my surprise it tasted as fresh as if it had just been made.  This bag was from the April 2010 show at Ripken Stadium.  Knowing that you don't use preservatives, I was very pleased with the taste and texture.  It took me three days to finish the bag carefully limiting my intake to make it last longer.  I was saddened when the last morsel was devoured and no more was left.

Phyllis Scott

Love their kettle corn! I wish they still made the really big bags, though maybe it's for the best of my waistline that they don't.

Easley S.

Ran into these guys at the Eastern Market...Main thing to know: these guys have multiple different flavors of kettle-delicious action. I'm a fan of the original, but the brown sugar was super tasty, too. Chai was interesting, but I'd probably prefer a mix of one part chai to three parts original. In fact, they should totally make that an option. Anyway, the people working there are super nice and there seem to always be swarms of people waiting for the next hot and tasty batch!

Heather W.

Luckily due to the long wait for brunch I was able to stop by here.  I seen the sign for popcorn so I had to give it a try especially after I seen that there were gourmet flavors.  We tried the brown sugar and I was instantly hooked.  After brunch, I had to stop by and try something else.  I tried the butter popcorn and that was pretty good as well.  I was given their card and today I placed an order for mesquite, brown sugar, and berri berry.  I'm so glad they have it to where you can place online orders.  Saves me a trip to the harbor.  Where I would have to pay for parking.  So I don't mind the $6 shipping fee.  Looks like have a new addiction.


Tried the kettle korn for the first time this weekend.  I thought I would be biased being originally from Chicago and thinking the popcorn shops there were the top of the heap, but I absolutely loved it.  The popcorn was so light and airy, but with a hint of caramel.  A great light snack for those watching their waistlines (like me).  Def will be back when I'm in the area.

Dwayne M.

I'm visiting my daughter here in Washington, D.C. & absolutely love kettle korn.  So I went online searching and found Biggpoppa Kettle Korn.  I ordered the Kettle Korn, Brown Sugar, & Cheese Popcorn & they all are simply amazing and quite tasty.  I just placed another order.  They included a sample of the Sweet Hot and my daughter loved it.  Their prices are very reasonable & so is their shipping.

Karon N.